7 reasons YOU should EDIT YOUR PHOTOS today!

Being a photographer means photo editing and here is why.
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Editing photos is nothing new, we've been doing it since the invention of photography. Right now we have far more editing tools and editing techniques we can use which is extremely exciting. In this photography editing video Ed Gregory talks through the reason why everyone (not only photographers) should be editing their photos

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1. Photo editing is nothing new - We have always done it.
2. Editing photos enhances the story and your viewers journey.
3.Photo editing doesn't have to be fake.
4. Cameras are made to take photo for editing. Shoot in RAW
5. Photo Editing doesn't have to take a long time
6. There are so many different photo editing services
7. Photography is a vial art for. Take control and do what makes you happy. Everyone can be an artist.

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