How to use a POLAROID CAMERA correctly - Polaroid OneStep 2

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This video walked you through all the features on the Polaroid OneStep 2 camera and shows you how to use a polaroid camera. I even show you haw to take a polaroid double exposure.

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There are a lot of pointers in this video that apply to all instant cameras and will help you get the best results when shooting with instant film on the polaroid onestep + or polaroid onestep 2. You will learn things like how to shoot using instant film, how to use a polaroid camera, tips for using instant cameras, instant photography lighting tips. During the video I take you on a polaroid photoshoot going you instant photography tips. This is not a polaroid camera review instead its all the details on how to do polaroid photography for beginners. polaroid I-type, polaroid itype, polaroid camera review
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Polaroid double exposure
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itype vs 600 film
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