Canon EOS R MIRRORLESS camera preview - Missing this IMPORTANT FEATURE, really?

Canon has joined the Mirrorless camera battle with there Canon EOS camera with new mount. Unbelievably they have made 4k video recording ONLY available in crop mode. Meaning all there wonderful new Canon R lenses will have to be multiplied by 1.7 to shoot in 4K. This makes the Canon EOS R tilt screen almost unusable.

I really really really want to love the new canon mirrorless camera but it really is a disappointing launch. Not something I would call a success. The real issue is that they have the technology and they nearly got this camera correct. The lens converters look great, the mare itself looks awesome and ‘some’ of the features are spot on. But missing the mark o some key features is really disappointing. They will keep a lot of the cannon shooters out there however I think companies like Sony, Nikon and fuji will continue to take chunks from Canons camera market.

Dear canon - you could have made you canon mirrorless camera 2018 launch such a winner. I just think you missed the mark.

What do you think?