10 LIGHTROOM tips to improve your PHOTOGRAPHY editing

Do know ALL of these Lightroom tricks? After using Lightroom Classic for 10 years I have found some of the best photography editing tricks that I use every day.

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Lightroom Tips 1 - Use Auto tone in Lightroom Classic CC
Lightroom Tips 2 - Use the Angle tool in the Lightroom Crop section
Lightroom Tips 3 -Lightroom tips and tricks Crop overlays
Lightroom Tips 4 Lightroom tips for portraits - Add focus using the Lightroom radial brush. Perfect for lightroom portrait editing
Lightroom Tips 6 - Lightroom tutorial - Before and after using /
Lightroom Tips 6 - photography tips and tricks 6 - Reset specific sliders or sections
Lightroom Tips 7 - Use the Lightroom HSL panel for Luminance
Lightroom Tips 8 - how to draw straight lines in Lightroom Classic. Lightroom tips for beginners
Lightroom Tips 9 - How to use Lightroom visual copies
Lightroom Tips 10 - Use Lights out (L) to help you visuals you Lightroom Edits.

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