Reinforcement Learning with ColdFusion by Minh Vo

In this session we're going to explore Reinforcement Learning and how we can use it in our daily work lives (within the context of a Web Application of course)! As many of you know, RL is the basic technology behind drones, self-driving cars, and bots for playing video games--but, did you know you can use it to strategize marketing, optimize UI/Banner/Button placements, and much more? Let me show you!

In typical Draft Studios fashion, in under one hour we'll go over an absurd example we put together here: Then, we'll tone it down, highlight our learnings, and scheme out more typical use-cases for businesses day-to-day. By the end of our session, we'll expose and share a simple pattern that we'll use to solve these kinds of problems in CF so you can walk away satisfied!

Minh is a full-stack developer, Oracle whiz, and pixel-perfect graphics artist who's worked on the bleeding edge of Technology for almost twenty years. He's created two award-winning FinTech products, written financial models, developed phonetic and sentiment analysis algorithms, built highly interactive charting libraries and countless other business apps.

His work has primarily impacted the Finance and Education industries for which he's groomed many leaders. His awe for Technology is contagious. His thirst for knowledge insatiable. Not to mention he's a pretty nice guy!