Augmented Reality Powered by React Native and ColdFusion with Edwin Samuel Jonathan

A transformation to mobile app development.

Augmented Reality and its meteoric rise (its revenue is set to increase from $650 million in 2015 to $58 billion in 2020) has made it more relevant in today’s world than ever before.

Even apple with its latest update has brought in native support for AR in its apple maps. You can do the same with any of your ColdFusion Applications.
In the session you will see how you can go about bringing in Augmented Reality to any of your ColdFusion Applications by combining the power of React Native’s simplicity with ColdFusion’s speed and reach.

Instead of using a native framework, we will be using react native to a create a cross platform mobile application which runs on both Android and IOS without you having to maintain 2 code blocks.

React native will be the front-end framework for this game.
ColdFusion will be leveraged to host the complete backend infrastructure to power APIs such as authentication, access control, geo-location control, and displaying the questions, etc.

At the end of the session, you will walk away with enough arsenal to help you get started with building AR apps using the principles covered in the session.

I am a software developer for Adobe ColdFusion team. I am a full stack developer having worked on features like WebSocket, ColdFusion Administrator, CfFiddle as well as the Performance Monitoring Toolset. I used to write Tech articles for a e-journal called Techzei and have a lot of interest in Android app development, rooting and modding for the Android operating system.