You NEED a drone (IGNORE Tony Northrup)

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In July 2018 I made a video titled, "Don't buy a drone": It made sense at the time - drone laws had become completely draconian and drone technology was still very buggy. In the 16 months since I published that video, MUCH has changed. DJI's lobbyists have successfully loosened drone laws in both Canada and the US. In the US, you can now automatically get approval to fly in controlled airspace, even if you're an amateur without your Part 107! The DJI Go app now is must less restrictive and lets you fly closer to airports (it used to completely prevent you from taking off). Drones like the Mavic 2 Zoom (my favorite) have also become smaller, quieter, and less expensive. Whether you shoot stills or video, a drone might now be the very best value for a camera.