What's in my camera bag? (Morocco trip!)

GEAR LIST (Amazon links)

* Nikon D850: http://help.tc/d850
* Nikon D850 battery: http://help.tc/d850battery
* Nikon USB battery charger: http://help.tc/neewerusb
* Peak Design Clip: http://help.tc/peakclip & compatible quick release plate: http://sdp.io/pdm2
* Sony a7R III: http://help.tc/a7r3
* Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 VR: http://help.tc/n2470vr
* iPhone X: http://help.tc/iphonex
* Backpack: http://help.tc/frottobag
* iPad: http://help.tc/ipadPro
* Apple SD card reader: http://help.tc/applesd
* Lightroom + Photoshop: http://help.tc/adobedeal
* Nikon 70-200 VR: http://help.tc/n70200
* Teleconverter: http://help.tc/n17x
* Nikon 14-24: http://help.tc/n1424
* GoPro Fusion: http://help.tc/fusion
* Mini tripod: http://help.tc/frottomini
* Battery charger: http://help.tc/bolt
* Qi Battery charger: http://help.tc/wdata
* Manfrotto BeFree Tripod: http://help.tc/befree
* Bose Headphones: http://help.tc/boseqc
* Apple headphone adapter: http://help.tc/applejack
* Ziploc bag: http://help.tc/zbags
* Tascam DR-10L lav mic: http://help.tc/lavrecorder

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