Umbrellas the Most Underrated Portrait Tool: OnSet with Daniel Norton

Often times when we think of photographic lighting, we think of the classic softbox, or the cool beauty dish or funky ring flash, while sitting in our kits, maybe even unopened, are the little used umbrellas.

Join Daniel Norton OnSet as he shows you why you need to consider umbrellas as a primary tool for making portraits.

Not only are umbrellas generally more cost effective than other light shapers, they come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and textures that can offer a photographer a huge range of looks with a meager lighting budget.

Sessions start at 12pm and 3pm. Come for one or come for both!

Instructor Bio:

Daniel Norton is a Photographer, Creative Director and DP with over 15 years experience in the advertising and editorial markets. Daniel produces and hosts FREE weekly in-store trainings every Thursday as well as the Adorama TV series On Set with Daniel Norton.