Top 5 iPad Pro Accessories

These are my top five iPad Pro accessories and use these products on my 3rd generation iPad Pro as part of my daily routine and in this video, I share my honest opinion about them.

This is not a sponsored video.


Here are the links for the products I recommend in this video for the iPad Pro users:

0:19 ErgoStand from Back Pain Help

If you are like me and spend hours drawing on the iPad Pro you want to make sure you are sitting comfortably without straining your neck, back and arms. I tested many different stands and found the Posture Stand from BackPainHelp by far the best.

1:36 Yohann stand

Sometimes you might only need to keep the iPad Pro straight for reading or watching a video on it. The Yohann is probably the most stylish and beautiful stand I tested.

2:47 PaperLike

I’m not a big fan of screen protectors in general, I never used one for my smartphones, but the PaperLike is something I cannot live without.

4:30 Luna Display & Astropad

If you cannot wait until Photoshop will come out as a fully functioning app for the iPad Pro sometimes in 2019 the Luna Display can be just what you are looking for.

6:18 Protective iPad Sleeves
Apple Smart Folio (For iPad Pro 12.9 Inch - 3rd Generation)

STM Dux Plus Sleeve for 3rd gen iPad Pro 12.9"

STM Dux Plus Sleeve for 2nd gen iPad Pro 12.9"

The iPad Pro is not a cheap product and it’s definitely worth protecting it with a durable or a functional sleeve.

7:58 amPen Retractable Disk Stylus

The best thing about amPen is that you even have pressure sensitivity while drawing thanks to the 3D Touch feature. All the 4.7in and larger iPhones from the 6s onward has this feature in them.