The Magic of Frequency Separation in Photoshop

Learn High-End Frequency Separation Retouching in Photoshop. Don't let those spots get you down! In this episode, we'll learn how to remove acne, blemishes, wrinkles and repair skin tone to remove all the blotchiness, dark circles etc. Also, we will use the amazing method of Frequency Separation Retouching to make the skin smoother and retaining the texture. Using Frequency Separation will also allow us to increase skin texture when required, keeping the skin smooth at the same time.

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If you have ever taken a selfie with the beautify mode on or used some of the Snapchat filters, you might have probably ended up making your skin smooth like an overdid wax statue. All the skin texture is gone and it looks completely unrealistic. Through Frequency separation will overcome just that.

Before, Frequency Separation, we'll first remove all the acne and blemishes that we can with the healing brush tools. Once that is done. We will separate the merged layer into two, one with just the details and other with just the colors, which is the basis of Frequency Separation. We'll then edit those layers separately which will allow us to interact with only those elements of the face which we need to repair without disturbing other elements. For example, you want to remove the dark circles beneath the eye but you don't want to remove the wrinkles which make the smile, using Frequency Separation you can target just the dark circle.

We'll also learn how to make the skin naturally smooth and remove scars if your image or subject has some retaining texture. This method is one of the most professionally used methods of high-end skin retouching.

In this world of retouching business, you need to keep one thing in mind. You want the skin to be smoother, but not completely devoid of texture. The goal is not to turn a 60-year-old man into a 20-year-old! You need to keep the old mature and keep the young younger and healthier. Not transforming them into dolls of perfection.

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