Sati / Samadhi. Original Buddhist methodology (jhana) explained. VERY important video

This is a short analogy of what genuine original Buddhism teaches that sati and samadhi ARE (its methods of liberation[vimutta] and bliss [sukkha], as basis of Buddhahood), as completely and utterly opposed to what is taught in modern so-called 'buddhism'.

This video is a MUST SEE, trust me. Proof that the '4 noble truths' are not original to Buddhism and where Gotama got them from. In short this video will lay bare as well the distinction between both the Buddhist and metaphysical terms: citta (nous/mind/spirit) and that of vinnana (consciousness, consubstantial and and coordinate intellect).

If you wanted to know what the methodology of original Buddhism IS, take a look, because you wont find this information elsewhere, ...additionally doctrinal citations are in plenty, "just the facts, Mam, just the facts!". Lets leave commentary and conjecture behind and take a look at original Buddhism in its OWN teachings and doctrine looking into both sutta and use logic to make a simple demonstration for you as to how sati / samadhi work, how they operate, ...this is completely opposed to what modern so-called buddhism teaches about sati and samadhi, however it is both logical and utterly doctrine-based. Lux et veritas.