Photoshop CC Camera RAW Trick

Photoshop CC Camera RAW workflow that lets you retain and re-edit RAW images non-destructively after you have opened the image in Photoshop.

In Lightroom, unlike camera RAW, settings are always non-destructive and can be tweaked forever. However, in camera RAW, once you open the RAW image in Photoshop with all the camera information, edit it and click on "Open Image", all the adjustments become locked. You cannot go back to those settings if you wanted to. What if you want to reset the RAW image? Besides, the Camera RAW filter, in the filter menu, again erases all the adjustments. In this video, I'm going to show you how to unlock going back, i.e. enable non-destructive RAW editing in Photoshop.

This way you'll get both the flexibility of Lightroom and the Features of Photoshop. No more Lightroom Vs Camera RAW. Hope you enjoy this Photoshop Trick and use it in your own workflow. Thanks for watching!

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