NEW Lumetri Color Features in Premiere Pro CC 2019

In this video, I'll cover all of the latest additions to the Lumetri Color Panel in the latest (October 2018) update to Premiere Pro CC (now CC 2019). This includes Lumetri Layers, FX Bypass, five new Selective Color Grading curves, Display Color Management and Auto Color Match (among a few other cool additions).

Find timestamped chapters below.
00:33 FX Bypass and Lumetri Layers
01:45 Naming the Layer / Pre-Grade with Input LUT
03:27 Adding a second ‘creative’ layer for LUTs/Looks
05:27 Adding a third layer for B&W/different look, broadcast safe color, etc.
07:26 Layers with multiple HSL and Masking Controls via Effects Panel
07:47 Re-Ordering Layers via the Effects Panel
09:05 Display Color Management setting
10:29 Enabling GPU acceleration options
10:50 Selectable Hardware Encoding options via File-Export-Media
12:35 Global FX Bypass in the button editor panel
13:55 Introducing Selective Color Grading Curves
15:32 Using HUE vs. SAT for skin tones and sky
17:43 The super-cool Curve Slider
18:19 Using HUE vs. HUE for matching color, changing color, creating a gradient
21:29 Using HUE vs. LUMA to add some drama
23:53 Using LUMA vs. SAT to enhance blown-out saturation in sunlit sky
26:15 Using SAT vs. SAT and the new VIDEO LIMITER for broadcast-compliant color
28:30 Shot matching with reference footage, stills or between cameras with Auto Color Match

This video is an update to the 'How To Make Great Videos with COLOR' series, adding all of the new Lumetri features since the series was originally broadcast in October 2017.