LIVE Q&A | Paint Realistic Hair and Recreate Skin Texture in Photoshop!

Jump to each question with the timestamps below:

1:29 How to you color match a dress or shirt with an exact color? For example, a client has a pantone they want to apply to various photos of clothes. How do you do that to match that pantone? - Rita from Portugal
8:12 Aaron, where do you learn from? We learn from Phlearn - where does *PHLEARN* learn from? - Shane from Fort Smith, Arkansas
10:26 Did you get your start in photoshop or lightroom? What editing do you do in Lightroom vs Photoshop? - Shiree
17:05 Have always avoided Photoshop due to its daunting depth. What would be the top 5-8 skills to master first in Photoshop? - Steve from Colorado
0:24:21 When the background makes it difficult to select the hair of a subject correctly, how do you redraw different kinds of hair so that the painting is not noticeable - what brushes do you use for that? - Nathalie from France
0:45:39 What’s the best way to balance the light across a shot that’s had natural light coming in from the side. Are there any basic settings that you apply to all your raws as a matter of course? - Vanessa from the United Kingdom
1:00:20 How to restore texture to the “smudged” areas around on my subject's cheek and nose? - Robert from Hollywood, California
1:10:30 When apply a gradient to an image, I sometimes get lines or rings that show up when I save and export my files. Are there any good tips to get rid of that? - Karl from Stockholm, Sweden
1:19:09 What’s the point of using Adobe RGB color space while editing if we export our photos to sRGB anyway? - Jake from Poland
1:25:43 When you sharpen for output, lets say, for web, should you sharpen AFTER adding grain or before? Should you be sharpening grain or adding grain as a final step? - Daniel from Columbia, South Carolina
1:27:25 I’d love to learn more about colorizing black and white photos. This is one I attempted, and it just doesn’t look very realistic. Any tips? - Angela from Houston, Texas
1:40:20 You were the channel that inspired me to take on Photography. Who were your creative inspirations? - Nicholas from Chicago, Illinois
1:44:56 I’ve been learning so much from your videos! I can’t make the light areas pop more in this image. How to make it more dramatic? - Krisztina from Austria

We went LIVE for an entire week to celebrate one year since we launched our PHLEARN PRO subscription! This is our first episode which aired May 14th, 2018. Watch the highlights using the timestamps above.