How to Trim and Fix Eyebrows on Photoshop

Trimming greatly refines the structure and helps reshape eyebrows the way we want. In this video, we will not only learn how to clean off the extra hair and trim the eyebrows but also how to grow back and make eyebrows when required.

We will be looking at three examples for editing and fixing eyebrows for females. In the first example, it is already reshaped but we'll trim a little extra hair or two which will result in producing beautiful results. In the second example, the eyebrow will not be trimmed at all, hence we will use a variety of tools like clone stamp, spot healing and healing brush tool to remove parts of the eyebrows and achieve perfect shape. In the last example, we will make and grow eyebrows of the subject who has less hair in one of the them.

This method can also help achieve makeup in Photoshop.

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