How To Repair An Old Photo In Photoshop Pt 1 - A Phlearn Video Tutorial

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Your memories are important, and deserve to be displayed as best they can. Many people find older photos in boxes, albums, shoes, and they are torn, or folded. These things happen, don't feel bad, just learn how to repair the damage on Phlearn. In Part 1 we are covering how to repair the border of the photo, and some great ways to blend layers together. Part 2 will focus on the Photo itself, and in Part 3 we are taking this photo and using it to make another photo look aged.

I am so excited to have my mom on the show. Not only is she way cooler than I am, but she has always been my biggest supporter. I hope you enjoy hanging out with us, it won't be hard to see where I get some of my silliness.

What You Will Learn

1:30 - Mother's Guilt in Action
2:00 - Mom's Gross Denture Story
3:00 - Outlining Changes to be Made
4:00 - Fixing the Tear
5:00 - Blending in the Tear Fix
5:50 - Layer Mask Description
6:30 - Using Levels to Blend Layer
5:00 - Using the Clone Stamp at Lower Opacity
10:00 - Creating a New Border
11:10 - Mom Asks Question of the Day
Question of the Day

How much would you edit an old photo? Do you like it with distress, or would you want it perfect? .


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