How to Password Protect Photos for Clients in Photoshop

Learn how to password protect sample photos in Photoshop for clients. Using this technique you can password protect your image to prevent printing and editing. This will allow you to send the photo in high-resolution sample image to your clients without any fear of being copied and published.

This method will not only be helpful to a Photographer but also a Retoucher. Up until now, to show samples, we used to send low-resolution images. But in this digital age, with high-resolution cameras with sharp sensors, clients require an extreme level of details and they want to have the ability to zoom all the way in and inspect the sample image. So, sending a high-resolution image is a must but at the same time, it is risky too. What if your client takes you image without paying? In this tutorial, we will learn how to put a password on photos but this time, a little differently. With this kind of protection, your client will still be able to open this image with no restrictions, zoom all the way in and have a look at the image. But, they won't be able to print it. When they'd select the print option, either the option won't be available, or they might have to change the password. Also, when they'll try to edit the image or open in Photoshop, they will have to enter the password.

Besides, there is a lot more advanced stuff that you can do. For instance, you can allow low-resolution printing, i.e., you client can print low-res but when they try to print a high-res they will have to enter the password. Moreover, you can allow simple editing like rotate, resize etc. but advance editing will be password protected.

All this will be possible by saving the image in PDF. Yes, Photoshop does allow saving in PDF and the best part is, the layers will still be intact. This is because, first off, PDF is a universal format. Supported by every platform, secondly, PDF does allow you a lot more custom security options than any other image format. PDF security in Photoshop is very vast. Password protected pdf is very difficult to penetrate and crack. I'd say, giving out sample images safely will not only help to build a better relationship with clients but also getting photography clients will become much easier as viewers will get more exposure to your photos.

P.S: Watermarks can be cloned easily or cropped altogether.

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