How To Make Great Video, Part 2 | Fixing Common Video/Audio Capture Issues

In episode two of this six-part series, I explain how to fix commonly-encountered video and audio issues. Whether it's correcting lens distortion from fisheye and wide-angle lenses to stabilizing hand-held/shaky footage, to removing plosives and popping P's in lav mic audio, applying color LUTs and using film-stock LUTs to smooth the 'digital sharpness' from Mavic Pro and other drone cameras, even doing basic sky replacement using HSL secondary color correction. It's all here, step-by-step. Find timestamped chapters below. (Recorded May 2017)**

01:31 Create New Composition in After Effects
03:56 Fixing Camera Shake/Apply Warp Stabilizer VFX
07:30 Apply Camera-Shake Deblur
12:06 Fixing non-blurry Handheld Footage w/Warp Stabilizer VFX (+options)
13:51 Applying Lumetri Color to finish the look
16:30 Lens Correction for Drone Footage, Wide-angle/Fisheye lenses
20:48 After Effects / Dynamic Link into Premiere Pro
22:43 More on Stabilization (framing, cropping, rolling shutter)
29:15 Remove the ‘digital edginess’ from Mavic Pro footage with Lumetri LUTs
35:12 Sky replacement with HSL Secondary Color Correction
40:35 Removing Noise and Rumble from Indoor/Outdoor Audio with Essential Sound
47:10 Removing Popping P’s (plosives) with the Edit in Audition function from Premiere Pro

**This video series was created in May/June 2017 using the CC 2018 versions of Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition. As such, there are several features and workflows that were not yet implemented. For updates to the aforementioned applications, check out my CC 2019 update videos on this channel.