How to Make an "About my Work" Video with Adobe Spark | Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn how to create a web page that uses text, photos, video, and music to showcase your work.

Create an Adobe Spark Page

1. Open Adobe Spark in a desktop web browser (
2. Click the + icon at the top, then choose Video.

Tip: You can click Skip when Spark prompts you to enter your story idea. Then, click Start from Scratch if you want to create your own layout. Or, choose one of the Themes.

Add Header Image and Text

1. Add a title: Click the + icon in the middle, then choose Text to type a title or salutation.
2. Add background image: Click the + icon to the left. Click Photo, then Lightroom (or the source of where your photos are stored). Click the photo you'd like to use.
3. Move the text: Drag the text where you want to align it on the image.

Add Text, Photos, and Video

1. Add slide: Click the + icon in the ribbon bar below the slide you just created and choose Split Screen as the format.
2. Add image: Click the + icon in the center. Choose Photo, then add a photo.
3. Add text: Click the + icon to the right. Choose Text, then add descriptive text.
4. Add slide: Click the + icon in the ribbon bar to add a new slide.
5. Add video: Click the + icon in the center. Choose Video, browse to find the right video file. Drag the handles to trim the video. Click Save.
6. Add text: Choose Split Screen. Click the double arrow icon to move the video to the right side if necessary. Click the + icon and add descriptive text.
7. Add additional slides with text, photos, and videos. Choose the layout you like for each.

Add Music

1. Add a slide with video: Click the + icon in the ribbon to add a new slide.
2. Add music: Click Music in the top right. Add one of the music options provided in Spark. Or, click Add Music, then browse to find a music file to associate with the slide.


1. Share: Click Share at the top, choose a Category, add a Title and Subtitle. Change the Author Name if necessary. Click Create link.

That's it!

To learn, more visit our Adobe Spark page:



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