How to Expand Dynamic Range and What is Clipping in Photoshop | Tips and Tricks

Powerful ways to expand the dynamic range to make your images pop in Photoshop. Why does some images look boring and faded? Mostly it's because the image is not utilizing the complete dynamic range that the digital screen has to offer. Solution seems simple, right? Make the dark areas more darker and bright areas brighter. But here's the catch! How much darker or brighter? That's when the concept of clipping comes in.

You see, clipping happens when an area is so bright or so dark that it loses all the details. In this video, we are going to learn when your image is clipping and how further to go when making the dark areas darker or bright areas brighter. We'll mostly use Curves Adjustment Layer and Histogram to understand how this works and some really awesome shortcuts to go along with it.

1. Image of the Lady:
2. Image of the Couple:

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