Grow your Facebook with 3D Photos in Photoshop or with an Iphone!

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Int his video I will show you how to create a depth map in photoshop. the easy way is to choose 3 levels of depths

1. The background usually the sky select it and make it black on a new layer

2. The middle ground select it and fill it with 50% grey

3. The Foregorground select it and make it with

export that file with the whatever name of the photo is plus _depth.jpg at the end

go to facebook and search facebook 360 and like the page

then load the two photo, for example, arc.jpg and arc_depth.jpg. facebook is automatically going to make it in 3 for you.

With the iPhone it is even easier, just take a portrait photo and load that into facebook by 1st choosing he 3d photo option and you are done!

A cool way to get more exposure on Facebook and attract more attention for your work