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How can you find your art style? How do you know what to make or say? Can you boost your creativity? How do you find your creative voice, if you've lost your way?

Creativity is something we have in all of us. It's our ability to make novel connections between unrelated things. To draw out the beauty in everyday life and to create new things that don't exist yet.

Our creative voice is our art, and the more we have of it in this world the more meaningful connections we can find it in.

So how do we unlock our full creative potential? How do we develop our creative voice and find our own unique form of self-expression?

In this video, Matthew Encina shares the insights he found while attending Adobe Max 2019, on the topic of finding your voice as an artist.

Timestamps from the video, to help you find the content you're looking for:

0:34 – Who is Matthew Encina?
0:55 – Adobe max 2019 recap
1:15 – What is your creative voice?
1:39 – The reason why all artists lose their creative voice
2:21 – Embrace your identity. Be uniquely you.
2:42 – Full-Time You by Meg Lewis
3:34 – Self-Discovery questions to find your why
4:10 – How to develop your creativity: Make creativity a habit
4:36 – Make time every day to practice your creativity
4:53 – How do you create personal creative assignments?
5:43 – Focus on what you can control. Don't waste energy on the things you cannot.
6:50 – How are you focusing your creative energy?
7:02 – 3 things you can do to develop your creative voice
7:59 – Be you, because everyone else is already taken.
8:11 – Creative content from the Creative Cloud and The Futur



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Video produced by The Futur

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Written, Directed and Edited by Matthew Encina

Cinematography by Mark Contreras, Stewart Schuster, Ricky Lucas, Jona Garcia, Jayden Nguyen

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