Creating LUTs for Videos in Photoshop! Feat. Premiere Gal

What happens when Photoshop Meets Premiere? An Explosion of Creativity! Here's how to color and stylize a video by creating a LUT in Photoshop for Premiere! Get the best of both worlds: the flexibility and versatility of Photoshop in image processing and the infinite video capabilities of Premiere Pro.

► WATCH Premiere Gal's video to learn how to apply the LUT in Premiere Pro:

Wouldn't it be nice to have the power of Photoshop while you are color grading or color correcting a video clip in Premiere Pro? Well, you can have that, by creating a LUT! What is a LUT? A "LUT" stands for Lookup Table (or Look Up Table) and is nothing but a pixel modifier. It is like a preset which contains information of what to do with what kind of pixels. For instance, making the highlights brighter and the shadows bluer.

Creating a LUT in Photoshop gives you a plethora of options. Right from Curves, to Levels to Exposure to Gradient Map! You can use any and every adjustment layer, stack them all up and save it as a preset in the form of a LUT. Once you have the LUT created, you can not only open it and apply it in Premiere Pro but any other Video or Image editing software. Btw, LUTs also work with images.

My job ends after making the LUT, then, Premiere Gal is going to show you how to actually apply and adjust that LUT in Premiere Pro. Make sure that you check out her amazing sequel video and channel:


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