Anatta / anatman Introduction part 2. Original Buddhism

Part 2 of discussing anatta / anatman, specifically establishing the reference for earliest Buddhism. The Sanchi and Bharut inscriptions (aka the Pillar edicts) unquestionably dated to the middle of the second century B.C.E. push the composition of the 5 Nikayas back to a earlier date by mentioning the word "pañcanekayika" (Five Nikyas), thereby placing the Nikayas as put together (NO LATER THAN) at a period about half way between the death of the Buddha and the accession of Asoka (before 265 B.C.), as such the 5 Nikayas, the earliest existing texts of Buddhism, must have been well known and well established far earlier than generally perceived. Finally proving the majority of the five Nikayas could not have been composed any later than the very earliest portion of the third century B.C.E., and most likely prior to this date as well.