#Yanny or #Laurel Revealed with Adobe Audition CC

The interwebs went nuts over this computer-generated voice file.

Was it saying 'Yanny' or 'Laurel'; you can be the judge, but ultimately, the answer is revealed...visually. Clickable chapters below!

02:09 Original Laurel/Yanny audio from Blogger
04:28 First: Lo Pass/Hi Pass filtering via Parametric EQ
06:51 First look at original audio in Spectral Frequency Display
09:40 Isolating frequencies spectrally during playback
10:40 Freshly recorded versions of Laurel and Yanny for comparison
11:46 What Laurel looks like spectrally, from a new recording
12:30 What Yanny looks like spectrally, from a new recording
12:57 Looking at the original recording again, taking screenshots of all spectral patterns
14:23 Comparing the spectral displays side-by-side in Photoshop CC
14:44 The big reveal :)