WOW ­čś│ NIKON JUST LIED ­čĄą..their statement

Their statement:
Hi "xxx"! The single card slot was a tough option to leave out of this camera but due to the size constraints it was unfortunately necessary. Some people may prefer the higher megapixel count of the D7200 but many people (including us, even though weÔÇÖre slightly biased) find the D500 has amazing low-light performance with its DX sensor, and youÔÇÖre getting that same image quality with the new D7500. We know you may not agree with all the decisions made for the D7500 but the D7200 could shoot 100 JPEGÔÇÖs in a single burst but only '18' 14-bit RAW files, so an increase up to ÔÇÖ50' RAW shots with an 8fps burst mode isnÔÇÖt too bad........
Hello all! Thank you for your feedback on our latest product announcement. The D7500 packs many of the D500 features into a camera body thatÔÇÖs significantly smaller and lighter. Unfortunately, that means that a single card slot was used to make this camera even more compact while making room for the new internal components. - Nikon Canada