What's in my camera bag(s) - my Nikon Gear


You can get all this in Australia at Digital Camera Warehouse: http://goo.gl/qtX6q
Outside Australia I recommend Adorama photo -- see links.

ThinkTANK Photo retrospective 40: http://goo.gl/hwBi4
Lowepro Pro Roller Lite 150 AW: http://goo.gl/fgo5G
Lowepro Pro Roller Lite 250 AW: http://goo.gl/Hc9IY
Lowepro Pro Messenger 200 AW: http://goo.gl/zPXLY
BLACK RAPID SPORT strap: http://goo.gl/OG3Sl

Nikon D700: http://goo.gl/Khx2K
Nikon D5100: http://goo.gl/mjhCJ
Nikon FE: http://goo.gl/w6KSh
Diana Mini Lomo: http://goo.gl/XOlAF

Nikon 24-70mm f2.8: http://goo.gl/VLkrm
Nikon 14-24mm f2.8: http://goo.gl/3Adwo
Nikon 70-200mm f2.8: http://goo.gl/PMWem
Nikon 85mm f1.4G: http://goo.gl/GctbL
Nikon 50mm f1.4G: http://goo.gl/CyNhO
Nikon 50mm f1.8D: http://goo.gl/qVTNB
Nikon 105mm f2 DC: http://goo.gl/eQezr
Tamron 10-24: http://goo.gl/HtX9Z
Tamron 18-270: http://goo.gl/yVtlH
Tamron 60mm Macro: http://goo.gl/e1k0w
Tamron 90mm Macro: http://goo.gl/uGcNZ
Tamron 70-300mm: http://goo.gl/xjrQj
Lensbaby gear: http://goo.gl/FbkFn

Gitzo GT2540: http://goo.gl/y41iA
Velbon VS433D: http://goo.gl/BpyMs

Nikon SB 700: http://goo.gl/JYcC4
Nikon SB 900: http://goo.gl/m6Yf4
Nikon SB 26: http://goo.gl/YISLs
YongNuo 560:
Yong Nuo 460:
Honl Photo Modifiers: http://goo.gl/qLWXX
Rogue Modifiers: http://goo.gl/CpR2p

All right, you asked for it, here it is - a run through of all my cameras and lenses, and a lot of my strobist lighting gear & accessories.

I will post a detailed blog entry about all this gear soon. Check back soon.

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