Watch the discussion live around the Adobe Stock Visual Trend of “Multilocalism” at OFFF 2018

Technology, travel, and migration are shrinking the world and strengthening our connections with each other. As we flow between cultural and geographic boundaries, more of us are embracing our complex global identities, deepening our awareness across cultures, and seeking authentic, local moments. But what does that mean for art? Our panel of creatives, thinkers and futurists discuss changing perceptions in a changing world and ask what it is to be local. Watch the discussion live around the Visual Trend of “Multilocalism” at OFFF 2018, Europe’s leading creative conference: hear the thoughts of experience designer Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun, the futurist Rudy DeWaele, and artists Perci Chen, Alek Szmytko, Mariana Rodrigues and the photographer Tobi Shinobi. Are you ready for multilocalism?



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