Top 10 Ways you'll CRASH your Drone

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Drone crashes SUCK so I dug through drone forums online to read people's crash stories. Here are the top 10 ways people crash their drones. Good news: they're all avoidable (if you listen to my tips for not crashing).

Here are the top 10 ways people crash their drones:

1. Don't do a Preflight Check.

2. Don't wait for a GPS lock, and don't know how to fly your drone without a GPS lock.

3. Watch the camera's video feed instead of the drone itself.
4. Fly out of sight.

5. Use automated flight modes, such as RTH (Return-to-Home), ActiveTrack, QuickShots, or automatic takeoff and landing.

6. Use Sport mode (since it stops obstacle avoidance and makes your drone faster).

7. Stretch your battery life to the limit. Don't wait until your drone battery is at 50% to turn home - drones start landing at 30% by default, and will force you to land at 15%.

8. Fly downwind in high winds. Stop, reverse path, make sure you can get back. Be aware that higher altitudes almost always have higher winds; sometimes much higher. Things like trees, hills, tall buildings, cliffs drastically change wind. Wind speeds are going to be higher over flat areas and water. If you can’t fight the wind, DON’T HIT RETURN TO HOME. Instead, immediately fly lower. If that doesn’t fix it, switch to sport mode (make sure you’ve enabled it in the settings).

9. Fly with a weak signal or interference Interference sources:
* Your phone or smartwatch
* Other people’s WiFi
* Cars (launching from a roof)
* Radar from boats
* Metal buildings and bridges
* Concrete buildings and bridges
* Earth, mountains, hills, trees

10. Freak out if something goes wrong.

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