Through The Lens | S04E02 - @alessioalbi

'Through The Lens' is a web docu-series presented by ADORAMA. TTL is a look at the evolving aesthetic of photography as seen through this generation's creator class.

Tune in every Tuesday at 2:00 PM EST starting August 1, 2017 for a new creator.

SEASON FOUR - EPISODE TWO: Alessio Albi is a 29 year old photographer from Perugia, Italy. He is mainly involved in portrait photography, storytelling, advertising and book/CD covers. Albi would rather utilize the quirks and features of each unique setting to make his photos as aesthetically interesting as possible. He wants his viewers to see how he takes ordinary images and makes them his own. While his model's faces are partly obscured by any given element in each respective shot, Albi makes it so each shot offers a unique way of hiding and revealing his beautiful subjects.

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Created, Shot and Edited by Sal D'Alia

Produced By:

Alana Casner

Special thanks to our friends at Peak Design: