The Personal Side of Tracy Sweeney with Kalebra Kelby

Family photographer Tracy Sweeney didn’t have the most “normal” path into the industry. She actual began her career as a high school teacher and was working to become a college professor. Photography had started off as just a hobby, helping better the creative side of her life and giving her more knowledge to teach her students. As time went on though, this hobby became more and more of a passion. In this in-depth interview with Kalebra Kelby, Tracy talks about how she got started, her role as a mom, how she connects with the families and children she photographs, and how it all comes together to serve her purpose. The love and gratitude she has for her family shines through in every moment, as does her teaching background in the stories she is able to capture in her work. You’ll connect with Tracy on every level and you’ll wrap up feeling excited and motivated by her fun and loving energy.

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