The Amazing Splatter Brush Effect for Portraits in Photoshop

Add Flair and Texture to Your Portraits by Applying the Splatter or the Spray Effect in Photoshop. Then, learn how to engrave and paint it on any surface, like paper or canvas, all this, just by using blend modes, blend if, and masking. Creative masking is the basis of this tutorial. By using some awesome brushes, we are simply going to make parts of the image visible and invisible in a creative fashion to achieve the desired effect. This also involves separating the subject and the background in order to treat them differently.

Besides masking, we'll be using some filters to stylize the portrait even more and allow it to match with the surface and the medium. Then, by apply multiple blend modes and blend-if, we'll get the images look natural on any surface. All the best, and I hope this video helps you!

1. Brush Set 1:
2. Brush Set 2:
3. Sample Image 1 (Portrait):
4. Sample Image 2 (White Background):
5. Sample Image 3 (Dark Background):
6. Finished PSDs: (Only for our Patreon Family)

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