SXSW 2014 - Come and Capture: Content Creation with Soul | Adobe Creative Cloud

Ready to be inspired? Join Adobe and SoulPancake for a conversation about collaborating to create inspirational, thought provoking content while developing community. Learn how today's new creative is bypassing traditional network and cable TV and embracing YouTube and other distribution models, using tools to produce, direct and edit high-production work. SoulPancake is the company behind "Kid President" -- the 9 year old who created YouTube videos that ultimately landed him in the Oval Office telling us how to make the world more awesome. LEARN MORE about Adobe Pro Video tools: Hear from customers about their work & workflow:

Moderator: Meagan Keane, Adobe
Shabnam Mogharabi -- CEO/Executive Producer, SoulPancake
Bayan Joonam -- Head of Production, SoulPancake
Ben Shelton - Director, writer, producer, The FlipSide on SoulPancake's YouTube channel



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