Super Soft Lighting with the Book Light: OnSet ep. 244

Join Daniel Norton OnSet as he shows you a simple technique to create extremely soft and diffused light. This technique is ideal for subjects that need the smoothest, most even light from off the camera axis. Here we can side light our subject and the light spills around in a pleasing way to create a very versatile and pretty light.

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Products Used:
Chimera 48x48 Frame

Chimera 48x48 Fabric Full Cloth

Chimera 48x48 Fabric White/Silver Gold

Profoto B1X

Profoto Zoom Reflector

Equipment used to Make this video

Shot on Sling Studio Multi-Cam

With A SONY A6500

Sony 18-105 f4

Audio Recorded on a Zoom H4N

Sennheiser ew 112 P G4 microphone

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