Sundance 2020 - Empowering Every Voice in the World | Adobe Creative Cloud

Join this discussion from Sundance Film Festival with stand-out filmmakers on how to bring your own unique voice to life.

Now is the time to empower and inspire everyone to share their story. It’s only when we experience new perspectives through the lens of someone else’s experience that true change happens.

But we know that everyone’s story is not being told.

When the lens is skewed, it offers a tilted view of society and unrepresented groups cannot envision themselves as the creative voices driving the most watched stories. And that is a problem for the industry and the world.

• Eileen Meyer – Editor, Crip Camp
• Yance Ford – Talent, Disclosure and Oscar-nominated Director, Strong Island
• Stacy Goldate – Editor, Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen
• Crystal Kayiza – Director, See You Next Time

• Meagan Keane—Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Pro Video



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