Success With Commercial Portraits


There is an entire world of professional photography outside of families, babies and weddings that most photographers completely ignore. Millions of people from aspiring models and actors to interior designers need professional images that will help them succeed in business, that’s where commercial portrait photographers thrive. Learn the methods to create compelling and dynamic commercial portraits that can open up new avenues for your photography business from a full time, professional with 13 years experience in the industry, Gary Hughes. Here’s what you will learn:

- How to create dynamic images for models, actors and professionals with a minimal amount of equipment.

- How to build killer lighting setups one light at a time

- Creating images for commercial use in ways that marketing directors will love

- Lighting and posing techniques that work every time

- Creating a portable lighting setup for almost any situation

- How to communicate with commercial clients and book those jobs

Whether you are a veteran of the photography industry or an avid enthusiast, this program will equip you with valuable insights that can help you create more dynamic images and open up new avenues for success in the photography business.

Gary Hughes Bio:

As the child of photographer parents it would have been natural for Gary to step right in to the family business, but he had to go out and try pretty much everything else before finding his way back to photography. In the 13 years since picking up a camera he has earned local and national awards including 3 Gold Medals and an Imaging Excellence Award from the International Photographic Competition. His work has been featured in Professional Photographer Magazine, Shutter Magazine, Professional Image Maker and he has published multiple articles on photography for the Huffington Post as well as an educational book, Photographing Headshots. He holds the designations of Master Photographer and Affiliate Juror with the Professional Photographers of America and most recently had an image selected in the top ten for the Grand Imaging Awards. He lives and works in Orlando, FL with his wife and two daughters.