Statue Study | ProCreate Digital Art Tutorial #43/365 Days of Creativity

Traditional illustration meets Technology in today's tutorial!

If you enjoy observational drawing or would like to improve your skills take one minute to check out today's tutorial! Watch the time lapse as we draw a detailed statue from scratch through to final result. Then keep an eye on our smaller animations to understand the process we go though and tips for creating your own observational drawings.

Improving your drawing skills will have a massive effect on how your produce work, it helps you understand more about perspective, scale, light, colour etc! We highly recommend you give drawing
a go on or off the ipad!

If you haven't heard of Procreate before we have used it in a few of our other tutorials in this series, be sure to check out what it can do!

Remember to check back tomorrow! If you miss a few days don’t worry, keep an eye on our playlists to find monthly roundups of our 365 tutorials.

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