SQL, I learned enough to.. BREAK everything!! with Dave Ferguson

"I bet you have written SQL for your app. I would also bet that you have written SQL and looked at it a little like a puppy dog that tilts its head at strange things. We all have, even the experts among us. Nobody is immune to writing things that make you scratch your head.

In this session, we will take a look at why your SQL may not run the way you intended. We will look well beyond just the select statement and look deeper into how SQL runs. We will go over what the DBA's keep to themselves as well as other metrics. We will also look at some debugging techniques to help find problems when they happen."

Dave has spent the majority of his life living in sunny Southern California. Over the past almost 20 years has worked in information technology after his attempt at being a career restaurant manager failed miserably. He has spent the majority of that time specializing in large enterprise-class systems. While he continues working on those types of systems he now focuses a large amount of his free time in the mobile application space.