Sony a7R IV Tips & Tutorial

Our free, one-hour tutorial for the Sony a7R IV!
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0:00:50 Get the Sony a7R IV PDF manual:
0:01:06 Firmware Updates
0:01:20 USB Charging
0:02:16 Battery
0:02:40 Memory Card Configuration
Pick up some fast UHS-II SD cards:
And some cheap SD backups:
0:06:10 Cleaning the Sensor
Get the VSGO sensor cleaning kit:
How to clean your sensor:
0:06:47 Ports
0:08:23 Controls
0:11:07 Diopter
0:11:55 No Beeps
0:12:17 Real-Time AF
0:14:37 Touch Tracking
0:15:26 AF Illuminator
0:16:06 Check out our photography books and video training:
0:17:20 Back-Button Focus
See why you should be using back-button focus:
0:18:08 Eye AF
0:20:53 DISP
0:23:16 Living with the Menus
0:27:19 Raw
Watch our video on raw vs JPG:
0:28:59 APS-C Super 35
0:31:22 Focus Magnifier
0:32:58 Reviewing a Picture
0:34:35 Rate Pictures
0:35:58 Auto Review
0:36:31 Modes
0:36:53 Studio Mode
0:38:07 Bulb Mode
Pick up a locking remote trigger for the a7R IV:
0:39:36 Star Trails, Meteors, Lightning
0:41:14 Using the LCD & EVF
0:42:29 For photography books, Lightroom presets and videos:
0:43:16 Shutter Modes
Check out Adobe Lightroom Classic at
0:45:51 Cont. Shoot. Length
0:47:17 Timelapse
0:48:03 Silent Shooting
0:49:13 Adapted Lenses
Adapt your Canon lenses with the Sigma MC-11 adapter:
0:50:43 Copyright Info
0:51:24 Format Card
0:51:49 Video
0:53:25 File Format
0:54:04 Slow Motion
0:54:46 Audio Levels
0:55:23 Peaking
0:56:41 Zebras
0:57:51 Anti-flicker Shoot
0:58:31 PixelShift
Get the free PixelShift to DNG Converter software:
1:03:14 Saved Settings
Download Tony’s a7R IV saved settings:
1:05:01 Wi-Fi
1:07:28 Wi-Fi Remote Control
Android Micro USB SD reader:
Android USB-C SD reader: http:://
Apple SD reader:
1:09:06 Bluetooth
1:09:54 Don't Touch
1:10:08 Lens Suggestions
Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 GM:
Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 GM:
Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 GM:
Sony 100-400mm f/5.6 GM:
Sigma 14mm f/1.8 Art:
Sigma 20mm f/1.4 Art:
Sony 600mm f/4 Art:
Sony 1.4x teleconverter:
Sony 2x teleconverter:
1:11:36 Flash Suggestion
Godox V860IIS flash:
Flashpoint XPLOR 600 Pro wireless strobe:
1:12:24 Tripod Suggestions
Manfrotto BeFree travel tripod:
Gitzo Series 1 travel tripod:
Gitzo quick-release plate for Sony cameras:
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