Sony a7R IV: 60 MP DESTROYS Canon & Nikon!

We have a hands on preview of the new 60 megapixel Sony a7R IV ( Our favorite feature - the DRAMATICALLY improved grip and buttons. It finally feels like a REAL camera! They added dust and moisture resistance to help the camera survive bad weather. The 68 shot buffer is improved with two UHS-II cards and the ability to open the menus while buffering. It has a 15 stop dynamic range, the same 10 FPS and 5-axis IBIS. The focusing point coverage is better, with 567 PDAF points that cover 74% of the frame. The EVF looks much better now, too, with 5.76 million dots. The focusing is much improved - it now has the a9's real-time autofocus system. The price? $3,500 at (available September 2019).