Sony a7R III "Hands On" First Impressions

Click here for the preview of the Sony a7R III

Today in NYC at the launch event for the Sony a7R III I got a quick hands-on to form some first impressions. First things first, the camera's fast in both frames per second and auto focus.

At 10 FPS with the mechanical shutter, this is the fastest full frame mirrorless camera Sony has ever made. Keep in mind, I said mechanical shutter, the a9 is the fastest with an electronic shutter. The auto focus is speedy, snappy and seemed to track the subjects very well.

It felt boxy in the hands unlike the a9 which felt beefier in the hands which made it feel better overall. Adding a grip will certainly help make the camera feel at least a little better in the hands.

The EVF is flat out AMAZING. Eye AF is another feature that gets improved in this camera and now you can use the LCD to move your focus points. Oh yea, they added a joystick and two SD card slots.

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