Smart Way to Quickly Mask Hair and Change Background in Photoshop Using Overlay

Easiest Way to Select or Mask Hair in Photoshop and Change Background in 5 Minutes or Less Using Merely Blend Modes, especially Overlay. Utilizing the Powers of Masking, Curves and Blend Modes, we are not only going to swap backgrounds but also match the subject to the new environment.

Practice Image:

This technique is effective and applicable to images taken with gray backgrounds. Here's how it works, since overlay is a blend mode which deletes everything which is 50 percent gray if we place the new background just about the subject layer (taken in gray background) and we change the blend mode of the new background to overlay, all the gray will be removed and those gray will be filled up by the gray background of the subject layer and rest will be left out, hence giving you a nice edge, especially for hair.

Then, we'll be a little manual soft masking to refine the selection and curves to match the subject to the new background.

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