Seminar: Connected experiences from websites to wearables to wherever

Digital experiences are now a critical part of the entire customer journey: from exploration and purchase to use and engagement. While world-class websites initiated the shift to digital, it was only the first step in using digital experiences across mobile apps, in-store screens, and connected devices that already are our future. With a projected growth of 35% CAGR, there will be an estimated 35 billion connected devices shipped by 2020, impacting $8 trillion in revenue in the next decade. For brands and marketers to capitalise on this, the focus will need to shift from these massive growth numbers to meaningful real-world applications. Join this session that explores the most innovative ideas spanning digital’s impact on online and physical interactions, as well as the content strategies needed to address the needs today and into the future.

Loni Stark, Senior Director, Strategy & Product Marketing, Adobe