Registration Counts: How to Copyright Your Images

Whether you are creating visual works for an exhibition, to share online, to publish traditionally or for commercial application, you need to understand the basics of copyright law. Copyright in the age of digital copying and distribution presents its own set of unique challenges. By understanding the law, you understand your own rights to the work you create. By understanding the current cultural climate as it relates to copyright, you gain perspectives in utilizing new tools to leverage your position as a visual communicator.
Topics will include:
• The Basics of the Copyright Law
• Determining who owns the Intellectual Property (IP) of a particular piece or project
• If you are the IP owner, what are your rights?
• Work Made For Hire and Copyright Transfers and Employee status
• What are the "copyright wars"?
• Leveraging the copyright law to facilitate getting paid
• Understanding the "Fair Use" clause in the Copyright Act
• The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
• Understanding how changes in the law still effect your work
• The Google Book Project
• Licensing and Copyright
• Understanding Creative Commons
• Understanding the Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS)
• Social Media and Copyright Law

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