Reference Point - The Underutilized Underdog in Photoshop

Using Reference Point effectively while transforming your images in Photoshop takes Ctrl + T in Photoshop to a brand new level and gives you a myriad of options to accurately and easily to not just adjust, align and rotate but also to compose in ways you would never have imagined. In this video, taking reference from rules of design, type, and photography, we dive deep into simpler things that really matter, like composing an image in a given frame accurately, rotating in the most effective, efficient and accurate way possible and aligning to impart order in your creation.

Most of us get the fundamentals wrong and we tend to rush past it to more advanced stuff. This not only affects your work but also makes it very inefficient. This video is all about the fundamentals of Transforming with respect of "Reference Point". In this video, we will learn the right way to rotate text in photoshop, resize a layer, rotate an image in a composite, align an object in a design project, compose with the rule of thirds and so much more. This might seem simple but I'm very sure that most of us are doing it not the efficient or the smart way. Even I was one of them.

Whether you are designing a brochure, a magazine, a thumbnail, a composite, or want to center the text or even simply crop your image, Ctrl + T is the heart of all this and this video, we are going to take Ctrl/Command +T to a whole new level in Photoshop.

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