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Welcome to Adorama Beyond the Sound, where we take you behind the scenes of a full production to create professional music videos. In this series, we cover everything from audio, cameras, microphones, live directing, lighting, and more. We've partnered with Framework Productions to bring you this series, and we hope you also check out the fully produced music videos from the featured artists.

Workflow, workflow, workflow.
For this part 1 of a tutorial-focused episode, Framework Productions’ Executive Producer meticulously walks through each step of a workflow for RED cameras and setting up multi-camera sequences. From tips on importing, proxies, LUT management, compression and scale, this part 1 episode lays out how to set up mult-camera sequences with multiple cameras and then sync the multiple angles together. Next episode will pick-up from here to show how you can now edit these multiple clips for the best live edit possible. Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro

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