Photography Accessories - bags & straps - Educating Tina #3

DARLINGS - it is important to accessorize - Tina has her D7100 and now needs a new strap and camera bag. Here we run through the options.

Welcome to Educating Tina - the series where I will teach Tina everything she needs/wants to know to get started as a photographer.

We will be presenting new episodes regularly - covering a discrete topic each episode.

In this opening number, we narrow down choices of camera for Tina to buy - what do you think? Out of the D5200 or D7100 - what would you suggest given her requirements?

More camera buying advice:

PS - yes - the intro is meant to be super lame....

*The music used in the video clip is by Miodrag Marjanov Quintet - used under creative commons licence from Free Music Archive.
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