Optic 2019 | Under the Midnight Sun with Ralph Lee Hopkins

At B&H’s OPTIC 2019, photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins discusses the importance of patience when searching for the right shot. Capturing powerful photos is possible when the perfect combination of variables occurs: anticipating action; being in the right place at the right time; and practicing patience. For great images and an education on the importance of respecting nature, you should check out this video.

Lindblad Expeditions Santa Fe-based photographer Ralph Lee Hopkins is founder and director of the Expedition Photography program for the Lindblad-National Geographic alliance. For more than 20 years, he has led expeditions from the Arctic to Antarctica and points in between. Images from Ralph’s travels are published widely. His work documenting conservation issues in Baja California was published in the National Geographic Traveler story, Is Baja on the Block? A selection of his polar images was featured in the companion book to the major motion picture Arctic Tale.

Ralph Lee Hopkins' Work

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