Nikon Df - 3 Month Owners review

I have owned a Df for 3 months. Here I share honestly how it has been, what I think of it, and I put a case for and against it.

A couple of things I missed - Size/Weight & ergonomics/balance.

Well size and weight are slightly below the D800 - but it LOOKS and seems smaller in the hand - although it isn't really. In fact it is a pretty hefty unit.

Ergonomics and balance - as I said, the weight is very close to the D800 - so it is no surprise the weight balance works OK even with larger lenses like the 24-70 f2.8 lens. HOWEVER, as the grip is a lot smaller, if you are holding ONLY using the camera grip - it is much more stable on the D800 than the Df. For shooting purposes though, using one hand on body and one on lens - it is perfectly fine.

I can honestly say, as a guy with pretty chunky hands, I have not had any issue with holding this or feeling like I didn't have a good grip. The small integrated grip was not a hit with many people - as it was a clear departure from the old film cameras it was claimed to be modelled on. But it really helps with ergonomics.

Some people no doubt wish it offered a full battery grip option. Personally I do not use one with my D800 or any of my 'smaller' cameras. On something like the mirrorless OMD E-M5 I wanted the grip, as I felt it was too tough to hold onto without it.

DISCLAIMER - I have no formal relationship with Nikon. I bought my Df retail from Digidirect in Sydney - a great crew that I highly recommend.

If you are in USA, you can get it at Adorama: Or at Amazon:

You may also want to check out my recent post about the ISO performance of the Df vs the new D4s and the Canon 1Dx, here:

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